giovedì 22 settembre 2016

TALE AS OLD AS TIME...|| Disneygirl

Tale as old as time

Since "Beauty and the Beast" is one of my favourite movies (ok I know I always say it for every movie but for a Disney addicted like me it's very hard just to pick one as my favourite), I'm gonna dedicate another post to it.

In particular, at Lincoln Center, Angela Lansbury sang "Beauty and he Beast" for the 25th anniversary of the movie (and it is the main reason for the remake coming out in 2017) with the great Alan Menken at the piano. 

Touchin' moment ever
Seeing this was very emotional. Not only because of the song itself, bu because it reminds me of my childhood, my moments with grandma and grandad on the mountains, watching the VHS of Beauty and the Beast and it was really nostalgic.
I was so happy when they decided to maintain the original soudtrack and especially this song in the 2017 movie (not sure 100% but in the trailer there is an acoustic version of "Tale as old as time" as I named it).

Take a look ad listen to this song!
Love, Disneygirl

mercoledì 21 settembre 2016


This week started with a lot of pression and so many things to do. 
Basically my life has changed in just one day. 

I feel like Dory when I have to explain things

It all started last Friday, the 17th, when I received a call from a School near my town. They said  they need as quick as they could, a German teacher for children between the age of 11 and 13. 
So here I am!
Now I'm teaching children basic rules, like grammatic and phonetics, and they seem enjoy it.
Although it is a good thing to have this job, the noise that children make is terrible, I always go home with my head hurting. And I also have to complete my essay and presentation to finally end the University.
I hope the will pay me right xD

So yes, in this period my life is a mess. 
That's why I haven't post in a while.
So how you guys are doing?

martedì 13 settembre 2016


"Moana is an upcoming 2016 computer animated, musical adventure film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It will be the 56th film in the Disney animated feature canon. Originally described as a "mythic adventure set around 2000 years ago and across a series of islands in the South Pacific.", the film will follow the journey of a spirited teenager named Moana as she sails the Pacific Ocean to complete her "ancestor's quest".
- from Disney.Wikia

A picture of the upcoming Disney movie "Moana"
Disney seems to have a thing with water this year. 
I'm not only talking about "Finding Dory", wich will be out here in Italy the 15th of September (I have already seen it because I couldn't resist any longer).
Yes, Today I would like to have a look at the new movie "Moana", which will be out on November I guess, or either in December here to then sell merchandise for Christmas.
I'm not going to read or write about the plot because I don't like spoilers but if you guys want to know more about, just click here :)

As you can see from this video (click here please), we've got two different trailers:

  • In the first one there's a baby Moana (cuteness everywhere) which have some kind of special power with water, as she is not able to catch the shell up only by swimming. She plays with it and then the sea carries her on the sea shore 'cause someone is calling her name. 
  • The second one explains in general all the characters involved in the movie: there's also a connection with "Demi Gods" (half human and half God) which is reliable in a certain way with the Hercules' plot. 
Let's go right into the ocean!

In my personal opinion, I don't think is going to be an original plot. I'm going to explain right now: there's something in this girl that reminds me of Lilo from "Lilo and Stich". Although any special power was involved, she had a strong attitude and bravery throgout the movie, which I think Disney workers have put also in the new film. As I said before, I see also a connection with Hercules! Do you guys remeber how the cartoon started? With the singing muses right? Well, the moving tattoo on Maui's shoulder does exact the same thing.
These are only my first impressions and I'm going to tell you whether I koved it or not when I will have the opportunity to see the entire movie.

Love, Disneygirl

lunedì 12 settembre 2016

ALICE IN WONDERLAND Figures Set || Disneygirl

Everytime I go in the Disney Store I always want to buy everything but as long as I'm 24 and I've got also other needs instead of spending all my money in games, I try to put boundaries and to buy only if it is strictly necessary.

Alice in Wonderland Figures Set
Today was not one of that day and my lovely Aunt decided to give me a treat and bought me this set of figures in Disney style with some parts in glitter.
First of all it cost 15,00€ (was 20 € before sales); It was put in a very lovely bag, with a zip: it's made of plastic and it has got a piece of a cardboard as a support
I really like the drawings in it: all the princesses
in a "baby" style, so cute!

As I told you in the post before (Disney Tag) my favourite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland not only because the story is amazing, and also the original book itself, but because it has got links of some important events of my life.
These figures are as short as fingers, all in different sizes to reproduce well the exatc size of the character, and in some part of clothes there are glitters in the exact same colour. They have also got suppors to make them stand up wherever you put them
You can see the blue glitters on Alice's skirt...

...or on the Mad Hatter's Hat
At the moment these cuties are on my shelf, in my bedroom, looking at me while I'm writing down this post. A lot of cuteness here in the room.
Tell me what's your favourite Disney Movie and if you have some items send me a picture!
That's all for now,

Love, Disneygirl

venerdì 9 settembre 2016

The Disney Tag || Disneygirl

Yesterday I subscribed to a blog community called "Bloglovin" (suggested by a friend of mine who has also got a blog called paperplanepond if you want to have a look) and since I haven't got so many followers, I've decided to do this tag, inspired by

Ok that was a lot of spam so let's go right into the Tag

My cuties in a box

  • What's your favourite Disney movie?
As long as I love pretty all the Disney movie, I think I'm gonna go with Alice in Wonderland because the story and the Original book itself mean so much to me.
  • What's your favourite Disney Character?
In every movie I find a character that I love so much, but it has to be both Olaf and the Cheshire cat. Can't choose between them, I'm so sorry
  • What was the first Disney movie you remember seeing?
Before Mum bought me the English VHS of Winne the Pooh, I had a recorded VHS with the "Three Caballeros" (it is a movie with Donald Duck and his friends travelling through the beautiful countries of Mexico and Latin America in general) ad I can say I did consume that poor little thing. I was attracted by the sounds and the should see it btw. 
  • What type of Disney item do you collect the most?
I mean, plushes are the best thing in the world. And also Tsum Tsums. I've got plenty of plushes, including Lotso, Cheshire Cat, two versions of Olaf (the basic one and the one with the Hoola skirt omg it's so cute), Dory, White rabbit, Alice and so on. When I went to Disneyland in Paris I did collect some of the beautiful pins there but I haven't got so many.
  • What's your favourite Disney song?
I have an obsession with Disney songs but If I have to choose, I would pick the Tangled soundtrack because they are so amazing. In particular, I love "I see the Lights"; and "Colours of the Wind" by the motion picture Pocahontas.
  • What's your favourite Disney scene?
When Merida saves her mum from being a bear.
  • Have you been to Disneyland
Just once, in Paris but I hope to see all the parks around the world, when I will be able to earn money
  • What is your most emotional Disney moment?
My boyfriend and I always cry when we see the story of Ellie and Carl in the movie "Up". Oh gosh, we cry so much and then we cuddle during all the movie. It's a special moment for me.
  • If you could pick any Disney character to be your friend, who would you choose?
I would choose the blue Genie from Aladdin, not because of the wishes but because he is very nice and loyal with people who love him
  • Who is your favourite Disney princess?
I have a thing for Ariel since I was a child. 
  • Who is your favourite Disney sidekick?
I love the development of Pacha, the man who is going to lost his home because of Kuzko: at first he is angry but then he become more and more brave
  • Who would be your Disney pet?
Can I say wall-e? Because it is so cute even if it's a robot!
  • Who is your favourite Disney villain?
I've got two: Izma 'cause she is the funniest villain ever and Lotso, because he is only angry with the world and in some way I can relate to him (especially when I am on period)
  • Which Disney film would you most like to star in?
Since Disney bought the Lucasfilm company, I would choose the Star Wars world. I would like to become a Jedi
  • How old were you when you watched your first Disney movie?
I was very very young, I can probably say 3 years old but I'm not sure about it.
  • What do you love most about Disney?
I love the fact that in every movie you can find a deep message both for young people and adults, and after watching a Disney movie you can feel something inside that is not easy to explain but it goes inside you. Like magic. Like fairy dust.
  • Who is your favourite Disney couple?
My favourite couple is Ellie and Carl 100%
  • Flounder, Sebastian or Scuttle?
Sebastian!! I mean, who doesn't want a singing crab beside you?
  • Your favourite Disney princess dress?
I really love Rapunzel's pink dress and, ok I'm going to be mainstream, Elsa's icy dress of course.
  • What's the best Disney kiss?
There are lots of kisses, but the cutest is the one between Anna and Kristoff. So embarassing but so cute at the same time.
  • If you could live in any world from a Disney movie?
Probably Arendelle: it seems such a peaceful and quiet place, before the snow storm of course.
  • If you could have a party themed around a Disney movie, what would it be?
A vey merry unbirthday, to youuuuuuuu!
  • What Disney movie do you turn when you're sad?
I'm going o sai Tangled because of the soudtrack
  • Who is your favourite prince?
Flynn Rider/ Eugene and Kristoff
  • Which princess would you most like to trade places with?
Ariel, because I love sea but I don't swim so well as probably a mermaid will do.
  • Favourite Pixar movie?
Up for the plot and The Incredibles for the characters (my family and I like to say we're like the Incredibles)
  • Favourite Disney quote?
"If you can dream it, you can do it" by Walt Disney himself.
  • Is there a Disney movie you haven't seen?
Probably not. I'm ready for challenges, though.
  • Disney song that always get stuck in your head?
"I've got a dream" from Tangled and "Summer" from Frozen.
  • Least favourite Disney movie?
I'm going to say "The good Dinosaur". Sorry Arlo.

Ok that was so long but I enjoyed it! So if you like to do it as well, then copy the questions and tell me with a comment! I would really like see you answers too!

Love, Disneygirl

giovedì 8 settembre 2016

Already Halloween? || Disneygirl

Jack Skellington and friends in a very cute
Tsum Tsum exclusive collection
I went to the shopping centre near home and, as usual, I entered in the Disney Store to find some news, so here I am.
Here in Italy we don't celebrate Halloween as much as England or America does, but in recent times people have become more and more interested in this particular event, even if it's only an excuse to celebrate in local pubs or to hang out with friends to have a pizza.
I can't say Halloween is my favourite festivity, because I'm a scaredy cat person, but when I see this kind of stuff it means that autumn is finally coming!
I find this Nightmare before Christmas collection really cute, all the plushes inside a cardboard coffin, also with the two Jack and Santa Claus...well done Disney!
I didn't pay attention to the price but I think it probably costs around 30 € or something like that.

A spooky love between Jack and Sandy

Again, these plushes were just in a corner at the end of the shop but I found it cute: the size is very big though, and inside very figure there is a metallic cable which gives you the possibility to move arms and legs (both Jack and Sally have got this feature). These costs 29 €.

Hidden cuties

Last but not least: Mickey as a scarecrow and Minnie as a pumpkin lantern. 
They were hidden from the other items and I don't know why: if there is new stuff coming in the store, clients should see it, love it and buy it.
Oh well, can't wait to eat Halloween cookies and sweets as an excuse to celebrate!

Love, Disneygirl

martedì 6 settembre 2016

Feelin' like Hercules! || Disneygirl

Did Herc join CrossFit classes?

Ok guys it has been a while since my last post but like any other of you I went on holiday.
Sun, sea, beach, fun, relax. Oh yeah

September has just begun and I feel like this is the real start of a "new year": come back to holiday, start new activities and programm stuff to do.
Before I went on holiday I started a new type of sport called "Crossfit".
The main reason was that right next to home there is a gym and it was awful not to know what was going on there.
So one beautiful and crazy day I went there to pick up some information about that and I discovered Crossfit.
It' s an intense hour of workouts with pull-ups, squats, push-ups, weightlifting, gymnastic, running and rowing.
I think it was one of the best decision I've ever made: first of all, you cannot imagine how many muscles we've got and most of them are completely petrified by our day routine.
Crossfit is useful to discover what we have got inside and how to train it to become fit.
Second, you sweat. And by "sweat" I really mean slip on your own sweat after lesson.
Disgusting but amazing at the same time.
Third, after 6/7 lessons you start to feel stronger and faster in everything you do, from the morning when you get up till when you go to sleep.
Fourth, you can get fit without starving yourself (no more rumbling in your tummy, eat is a good thing, remember it.)
I was terrified when I joined the first lesson: I was lucky to meet such nice trainers that gave me the strengh and power to continue my workout. Then I started to feel happy after lesson because of my results and after one month trial I enrolled for an all-year round course. Hope it goes well :D

So if you want to know something else about, here are some links related: what's CrossFit?
CrossFit Official YT Channel

Love you all.